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SIGMA Designer Faucetry has been a leading manufacturer of decorative bath fixtures and accessories for over twenty years. We have enjoyed many opportunities to be featured in luxury hotels, residential projects and other commercial settings. Working with architects and designers has provided us with some of our most exciting and challenging experiences, allowing us to express our passion for beautiful design and intricately crafted pieces created in conjunction with state-of-the-art technology and always with an eye to product quality and integrity. Our custom plating and PVD capabilities, coupled with our manufacturing knowledge and expertise, have placed us in a unique position to meet the needs of commercial clients.
Custom Design Options
Working together to develop ideas and giving form to a vision is a truly inspiring part of our work. With strong design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we have been able to meet deadlines that had been previously unattainable, delivering on time and on budget and guaranteeing customer satisfaction. 
Retrofit Installations
In today’s challenging economic environment, installation retrofits are one of our most sought after capabilities. The ability to understand existing installations coupled with our true manufacturing capabilities enables us to provide new and distinctive trim without replacing the current in-wall installation. The value created in time savings and avoidance of demolition and reconstruction as well as pure cost reduction is value engineering at the highest level.