Home Care Information

The Sigma Designer Faucetry or accessory item you have just purchased has been created with craftsmanship and modern technology to give you a lifetime of beauty and service.

To care for the fitting, wipe with a clean, soft, damp cloth and blot dry as often as possible.  Clean filters & aerators periodically to assure proper operation.  Occasionally apply a non-abrasive polish to prevent water deposits and remove build-up of household soaps, creams and sprays to all finishes except naturally aging finishes such as black oil rubbed bronze, oxford oil rubbed bronze, polished nickel (uncoated) & Verdi Gris.

NEVER use abrasive cleaners or pad or chemical cleaners of any kind (including window cleaner) on any product with a protective coating or custom finish.  Such cleaners will attack the protective coating and use will VOID the finish warranty.

The beauty of real brass is that it can always be restored to its original beauty, but gentle care will improve the life of your fitting in today's environment.